Ella McNamara

American Choice Expert

“My role is to help intended parents understand the U.S. fertility care system, which is unfamiliar to Australians, and to help them navigate the decisions they need to make when choosing their providers in the United States,” Ella says. “The other half of my job is to serve as a liaison to egg donation and gestational carrier agencies, to help them understand how FCLV can be their ally in helping hopeful parents finally bring home their babies.”

Based in Sydney, Ella meets with hopeful parents wherever it’s convenient for them, whether it’s in their home, at a local café or via Skype conference. Throughout the decision-making process, Ella is available to answer questions and educate intended parents about the IVF and gestational carrier process.

“Choosing to use surrogacy is one of the most expensive and important things people will ever do, so most of the time, intended parents are nervous and have lots of questions,” she says. “They have open access to me, and I work with them to understand the entire process before they take the leap. I help them with anything they need that is Australia-specific, from lawyers to medical aspects, and I touch base with them throughout the process once it is under way.”

Ella started her career as an events and marketing manager, working for the state Chamber of Commerce and organizing government events. Then, she moved into fertility pharmaceuticals marketing before taking a job as a marketing manager for a non-profit called Families Through Surrogacy, where she organized conferences and international events all over the world.

Ella has a special place in her heart for people who need Australian surrogacy to grow their families, as she has first-hand experience with the harrowing journey of infertility.

“I’ll never forget the day that I went to the doctor and was told I’d never have children,” she remembers. “It was a crushing feeling. But then, I moved forward and found out there was a way. When people find out they can’t have kids, I wish I could stand next to them at that moment and say, ‘No, there is a way!’”

Today, Ella and her husband have two gorgeous little boys, ages four and five, conceived through two rounds of IVF.